Liquid Level Controller

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Everest Water Level Controller

Everest Water Level controller or Liquid level controller is a control panel which is used in both commercial and domestic applications. Commonly used to prevent liquid overflow in overhead tanks. Everest liquid level controller works by switching ON the water pump when the liquid level falls below certain limit and turns OFF the water pump when the liquid level rises above a certain level. 

Robust Quality

Everest Liquid level controller is manufactured using highest quality materials including Powder coated dual layer high strength metal box, Also the product is carefully crafted using industrial grade electronics & circuits to ensure long life with continuous operation. Above all, with Everest the main focus has been on providing high quality product.

Float Switch

We provide high quality liquid level float switch along with our liquid level control panel. Our float switch are specially designed to work in all the liquid conditions. Similarly our stainless steel float switch is also carefully designed to work under extreme conditions.


Additionally We also provide you the option to custom design your Liquid level control panel, for instance the customized panel may vary in Panel size, panel material, Inclusion of more Panel Accessories (Volt meter, Ammeter, Buzzer, Timer) for better control of the entire system, Type of sensor used, Automatic ON-OFF or Automatic OFF option also available, Specialized labeling and branding options can also be provided to the clients.


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