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Commercial Steam Iron

Our High quality Gravity Feed Professional Steam Iron commonly used for Laundry, Boutique & Fashion Houses & Export houses with movable Water Bottle comes in variety of watt from 1000 W to 1500 W from manufacturers: Shilter, Silver Star.

Steam Iron Element

Our Steam Iron Element is usually poured with water from a holding tank and special heating elements convert this water to steam. This hot mist vents out through a number of holes in the bottom  of the steam iron.

Steam Iron Thermostat

Steam Iron thermostat is a device which is used to control the temperature of the steam iron. Different material clothes are required to be ironed at different temperatures which can be controlled by the thermostat. 

Steam Iron Solenoid

Solenoid valve is an integral part of the steam iron, it controls the steam output from the steam iron. The valve opens and closes on the click of the steam button present on the handle of the steam iron which controls the flow of water into the iron which turns into steam 

Steam Iron Teflon Shoe

The Teflon shoe is made of aluminium casing which is coated with high quality Teflon on the bottom side to give a perfect finish to the clothes and prevent the clothes from sticking to the bottom of the steam iron and give an even finish. The shoe has a number of holes for even flow of steam.


Steam Iron Handle & Spares

We have High quality handle and spares including, steam switch, main power switch, plates, iron wire, steam pipe, water tank, tank tap for commercial steam iron from manufacturers like Shilter, Silver star. We provide high quality spares for regular maintenance of the steam irons 


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